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It is a large room lavishly decorated in pink and purple velour, shag carpeting, marble statues and a few green plants.Its centerpiece is a large oil painting of Zapp and a floating, remote controlled, heart-shaped bed."Is there a lesson to be learned from this tale of broken hearts?

I only get a hottie hitting me up on pof once every few months or so lol.But ya this girl was adorable and a really awesome girl and hopefully something happens for us.She brought it up in her 1st msg, and then I teased her that I would have to kick her ass at thumbwar.The rear of the room has large floor-to-ceiling windows which allow for fantastic views.Romance has always been a key part of Mass Effect for fans, many of whom still champion some of the series' more unusal pairings. Now, with Mass Effect Andromeda just weeks away, fans are already picking who they'll hook up with next. (Bio Ware has suggested yes, but not whether Jaal is available to just the male or female main character, or both.) A mixture of Star Wars' Twi'leks, Avatar's Na'vi race and Bio Ware's own early, discarded designs for Mass Effect's quarians, the angaran race - not to mention Jaal's own trenchcoat and eyepiece - has got fans flustered.Realizing that it is Halloween, Richie forms a plan; he and Eddie will go trick-or-treating to raise money for a party which will feature, in Richie's words, "plenty of booze and jugged-up babes, shaggy-shaggy-shag!