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A total of 443 accidents were identified along the two-lane portions of US 113 during the seven-year period from 1990 through 1996.

As a result of this trend, County Residents Action for Safer Highways (CRASH), a local citizens group, along with local officials, requested the Maryland Department of Transportation's (MDOT) State Highway Administration (SHA) to conduct an accident investigation and evaluation of improvements to address safety conditions along the Worcester Highway.

US 113 is an important regional arterial highway, linking a number of geographically dispersed population centers in Worcester County, Maryland, including Pocomoke City, Snow Hill, Berlin, and Ocean City.

Both Worcester County residents and interstate travelers rely on US 113 to serve their long-distance travel needs through the eastern portion of the Delmarva region, connecting with US 13 in Virginia.

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The need to dualize US 113 originated due to the number of severe traffic incidents experienced by motorists along its two-lane, undivided sections.

Mike Sandiford receives funding from the Australian Research Council, and has received funding for the research discussed here from the Australian Indian Strategic Research Fund.

He supervises a postgraduate student from Bhutan studying the Himalayan earthquake geology supported the DFAT aid program.

Victoria State Government provides funding as a strategic partner of The Conversation AU.

View current jobs from University of Melbourne View all partners Saturday’s Nepal earthquake has destroyed housing in Kathmandu, damaged World Heritage sites, and triggered deadly avalanches around Mount Everest.