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I want to execute my scripts without running sh or bash before executing it.For this we can set the path so that your shell scripts will now run as a shell script.To make your changes to your user profile file effective immediately in your current window, you need to type an additional command.In the C and TC shells, type the following command to make your alias effective immediately.In this chapter, we will discuss in detail about user administration in Unix.There are three types of accounts on a Unix system − This is also called superuser and would have complete and unfettered control of the system.For example, you should understand the files and what they mean. Listing 2 provides an example /etc/security/.profile file.Look at the some of the files that affect the user itself:root:! PATH=/usr/bin:/etc:/usr/sbin:/usr/ucb:$HOME/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/sbin:. export PATH if [ -s "$MAIL" ] # This is at Shell startup.

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is just that -- the maximum value a parameter can be set to.

command causes the system to read the current user profile file and execute the commands in this file.

In the Bourne Again, Korn, and Z shells, type the following command to make your alias effective immediately.

Unix supports a concept of Group Account which logically groups a number of accounts.

Every account would be a part of another group account.